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AT&T orders conversion of 650 F350s to CNG from IMPCO

Fuel Systems Solutions announced that its IMPCO Automotive division, a Gaseous Fuels QVM of Ford Motor Company, recently received an order from AT&T to convert 650 MVP Ford F350 trucks to run on dedicated CNG fuel systems. In 2009, AT&T announced it expected to spend an estimated $350 million to purchase about 8,000 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles. (Earlier post.)

These 650 chassis cab one-tons are equipped with Ford’s gaseous prepped 6.2L engine and will leave IMPCO Automotive’s Union City, IN high volume production facility with 25GGE of CNG before transportation for the utility body installation. The order will be managed using the Ship-Thru capability as a Gaseous Fuels Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) which IMPCO recently obtained.

These specific conversions will occur throughout the third and fourth quarter of this year.


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