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Ioxus introduces new 1200F ultracaps; targeting micro-hybrid and start-stop systems

Ioxus, a manufacturer of premium performance ultracapacitor technology for the automotive and transportation industries, introduced the new 1200 Farad (F) cell to its portfolio of high performance ultracapacitors.

The 1200F cell is a high-powered energy solution intended to optimize the performance of lead acid, AGM and Lithium-ion batteries in cars, tractors and motorbikes, enabling improved start/stop technology performance and serving as a reliable and cost-effective feature of hybrid engine vehicles.

The 1200F cell plays a key role in several applications within the automotive industry, including: engine starting and cranking; transportation drive systems; and regenerative energy capture. Structural features were designed for easy and error-free assembly. The cell was designed with high-shock and vibration applications in mind and has a wide variety of technical features, including:

  • 2.7V working voltage;
  • 84% higher power density than comparable products;
  • Lowest cell ESR on market: 25 mOhms AC and 30 mOhms DC;
  • Highest power density: 25 kW/kg or 32 kW/L; and
  • Long life cycle: 1 million + cycles.

Ioxus introduced three new modules, the iMOD 80V/12F, 16V/500F and 48V/165F, in March 2013.


Henry Gibson

The lead bipolar batteries once invented and produced by Atraverda and EFFPOWER could out perform even these units on a weight and size basis; but they died because lithium was not in their name. ..HG..

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