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MEPs strike 95g/km deal with Irish Presidency for car CO2 emissions

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) struck a deal with the Irish Presidency of the European Council to retain the 95g CO2/km by 2020 reduction target for average car emissions. The agreement still needs the official endorsement of EU member states.

The agreement confirms the 95g/km by 2020 target for new cars sold in the EU, down from 130g in 2015. It also highlights the need for a target beyond 2020, with a reduction rate in line with the EU’s climate goals. The agreement also provides for “super-credit” weightings for each manufacturer’s cleaner cars (50g threshold) from 2020 to 2023.

The new UN-defined World Light Duty Test Procedure (WLTP) should come into force at the earliest opportunity, the text says. The European Commission is to indicate its support for a 2017 deadline. The WLTP better reflects the real conditions in which cars are used.

MEPs noted that recent studies show that manufacturers have exploited weaknesses in the current procedure for testing the environmental performance of cars, with the result that official consumption and emission figures are far from those achieved in everyday driving conditions.


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