ITM Power joins Californian Hydrogen Business Council Hydrogen Energy Storage (HES) Program; power-to-gas
FedEx adds 1,900 new lightweight composite Reach vans to fleet; 35% fuel efficiency improvement

Renault supports the deployment of a network of EV charging stations in the Vendée department in France

Renault is supporting the announcement made by the SyDEV (Vendée department association for energy and plant) concerning the plan to deploy 350 charging stations in public areas across 191 municipalities in France between 2014 and 2016.

This announcement follows the partnership signed by Renault and the SyDEV in April in which Renault agrees to support local plans to create a network of charging stations by providing technical expertise in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

As a mark of support, Renault is presenting the SyDEV with the keys to a ZOE, which spearheads Renault’s Z.E. range.



There are six different tariffs for electricity, i.e two each for Red, White and Blue days. Users are well aware of the R-W-B days and the 2 different tariffs applied for each day type.

With a proper timer, you can charge your BEV or PHEV at very low rate. Eventually, the electricity supplier will remotely start your charger during lowest rate periods, it you so desire. That way, no extra power generation will be required for EVs.

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