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Ricardo expands in California to support development of low emission vehicles; two projects underway

Ricardo has created a registered business entity in California to provide greater support for projects on the US West coast, with an emphasis on low emissions technology for cars and commercial vehicles.

The company’s staff in Valencia, California, Ricardo will immediately begin work on two new projects, both in support of initiatives by the California Energy Commission (CEC). The team will initially provide consulting support with plans to expand into engineering and low-volume production services based on customer needs.

The first of the two projects to be managed by Ricardo in California is for Quantum, which received a notice of a proposed grant by the CEC and has partnered with Ricardo, along with Power Solutions International and The University of California, Riverside.

The grant will fund the development and validation of a low-cost, multi-port fuel-injected (MPFI) natural-gas fuel system and engine with advanced controls, designed for Class-3 to Class-7 fleet applications such as buses, medium-duty trucks and port freight-handling vehicles. Ricardo will provide technical engineering support and strategic market analysis to the program.

The second is a project with Electricore, which has received a notice of proposed award from the CEC to perform a comprehensive survey of the commercial PEV marketplace and propose value-based design options for standardization of battery systems. (Earlier post.)

Ricardo is working with companies across industry sectors to support the development of clean vehicle technologies and energy storage for multiple applications. The company’s industry experience includes companies in the automotive, power generation, aerospace, commercial vehicle, marine, oil and gas, rail and motorsports industries, as well as many government organizations.

Ricardo has targeted some California specific initiatives, which include; market analysis, commercialization strategies, and support of product development of alternative fuels such as bio-fuel, natural gas, hydrogen and electricity.

Additionally, Ricardo sees a great opportunity to support investors with technical and commercial due diligence analysis on companies, vehicle technologies and infrastructure. The company believes it is well positioned to provide an array of engineering support, including on-site assistance, to start-up vehicle technology companies.


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