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SGL Group and Samsung establish joint venture for carbon composite materials

SGL Group and Samsung established a strategic partnership for carbon fiber composite materials with the foundation of a marketing & sales joint venture. The joint venture partners, Samsung Petrochemical and SGL Group, will each hold a 50% share.

The primary objective of the cooperation is to develop new industrial and electronic applications with carbon composite materials for Samsung and the Korean market. The joint venture will operate under the name “Samsung SGL Carbon Composite Materials”.

The joint venture targets applications in the markets for electronic products, wind blades, pressure vessels, automotive and household appliances in the Far East. The Asian carbon fiber market is expected to be sharply growing in Korea and China by over 20% per year. Currently the Korean market focuses on prepreg and sportive goods. In the future though, the market is to be expanded to a wider range of industries like wind energy, electronics, automotives and others.

In the mid-term, the joint venture will aim for business expansion over the rest of Asia.

Both companies will combine their core competencies in this marketing & sales joint venture. SGL Group contributes its know-how in high performance carbon fiber-based materials. Samsung Petrochemical shares its experiences from particular application development with the Samsung’s affiliates, which is expected to allow the company to successfully meet the requirements of new industrial products and solutions.

The closing of the transaction is scheduled for July, pending regulatory approvals. Operations of the joint venture are scheduled to begin immediately thereafter. The joint venture will be headquartered in Ulsan/South Korea, at a Samsung Petrochemical facility. The office of the Marketing & Sales joint venture will be located in Seoul/South Korea.


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