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Boulder Electric Vehicle and Coritech Services demonstrate Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charging with electric truck

Boulder Electric Vehicle and Coritech Services have demonstrated bi-directional DC fast charging, making Boulder Electric Vehicle the first electric truck company to implement Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charging.

At the Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Washington DC, this week, the companies demonstrating their turnkey solution to V2G charging utilizing Boulder EV’s Electric Flatbed Utility Truck equipped with a 72 kWh battery pack and a Coritech 60kW DC Fast Charger System. Current demonstrations are seeing charger rates of 150 amps during charge or discharge on the 360V nominal battery pack.

Charge. Click to enlarge.   Discharge. Click to enlarge.

The system developed has been based on the interface specification for the SPIDERS Phase II program and was implemented, developed and finalized independently by Boulder Electric Vehicle and Coritech Services. Southwest Research Institute will be supplying the grid aggregation service between the Coritech EVSE and the grid. Due to the success of this turnkey system, the companies are working toward a demonstration late summer 2013 at Fort Carson. This demonstrated solution supports a larger vision of the Department of Defense in the mass scale deployment of EVs.



With enough things like that connected to the grid (e.g. at night, or during office hours for commuter vehicles), the need for grid regulation by generators could be eliminated.  This would allow the generators to be operated for maximum efficiency (or minimum cost).  This is a stream of savings which may or may not be fed back to the EV owner, but is definitely an economic benefit if properly harnessed.

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