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Zero recalling some of its electric motorcycles due to Li-ion battery defect

Zero Motorcycles Inc. (Zero) is recalling certain model year 2013 FX motorcycles manufactured 28 January 2013 through 21 May 2013; and model year 2013 XU motorcycles manufactured 16 January 2013, through 20 May 2013. A manufacturing defect with the sealant material in the battery may allow water to penetrate the battery and contact the cells.

Water penetration into the battery may lead to corrosion of the cells, possibly resulting in a rapid temperature increase and off-gassing of the cells’ electrolyte which may cause a burn to the rider.

Zero will notify owners and dealers will replace the battery modules, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin in late June 2013. The potential number of vehicles affected by the recall is 128.

FX and XU motorcycles have Li-ion battery packs with maximum capacities of 2.8 kWh or 5.7 kWh, depending upon the model.


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