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The E-Force truck for Feldschlösschen. Click to enlarge.

BRUSA Elektronik AG is to supply the main drivetrain components such as motors, inverters and chargers for the E-FORCE, Switzerland’s first all-electric 18-tonne truck.

The E-FORCE truck was jointly developed by EFORCE ONE AG and Designwerk GmbH for use in short-haul services and the national distribution of goods. The lead customers will each put one truck into their fleets for evaluation from August 2013. Both COOP—the second largest retailer in Switzerland—and Feldschlösschen—the biggest brewery in Switzerland—are considering adding more electric trucks in the near future.

The E-FORCE drivetrain comprises the following BRUSA components:

  • 2 x BRUSA HSM1-10.18.13 motors each with 150 kW (201 hp) and 305 N·m (225 lb-ft) of torque

  • 2 x BRUSA DMC534 inverters

  • 2 x BRUSA NLG6 on-board fast chargers each supplying 22 kW

  • 1 x BRUSA BSC614-24V DC/DC converter to power the 24-V auxiliary system

The E-FORCE truck, built with an IVECO Stralis chassis, uses dual 120 kWh, 400V LiFePo4 battery packs. Maximum speed is 87 km/h (54 mph) and is electronically limited.

Components of the E-FORCE powertrain. Click to enlarge.

Energy consumption on the highway is 80-110 kWh/100km; city consumption is 60-90 kWh/100km.

Regional and city routes are the targeted domain for the E-FORCE electric truck. With a range of around 300 kilometers (186 miles), it is suited to distribute goods nationally in Switzerland. During loading and unloading at the depot the truck can be recharged in just a few hours; the two 22 kW on-board fast chargers from BRUSA take a full charge in six hours.

One of the strengths of the E-FORCE truck lies in its low operating costs. The operator benefits from the low energy consumption of the truck and reasonable electricity rates. Furthermore, in Switzerland electric trucks are exempt from the performance-related heavy vehicle fee (HVF).

The truck has undergone extensive testing in recent months. It has climbed the Gotthard Pass at 2,106 m (6,909 ft) successfully three times, demonstrating the reliability and performance of the BRUSA drivetrain.


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