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Nikkei: Honda’s next-gen Fit Hybrid to overtake Toyota Aqua in fuel economy

The Nikkei reports that the hybrid version of Honda’s next-generation Fit, powered by a newly developed engine and electric motor, is capable of delivering fuel economy of about 36 km/l of gasoline (84.7 mpg US, or 2.8 l/100 km) in tests based on the JC08. The current version of the Fit offers 26.4 km/l (62.1 mpg US, 3.8 l/100 km).

This would edge past Toyota Motor’s Aqua subcompact, the Nikkei noted. The Aqua posts JC08 fuel economy of 35.4 km/l (83.3 mpg US), while the Prius liftback offers 32.6 km/l (76.7 mpg US).

The new Fit Hybrid will be highlighted as the series’ centerpiece. It will run exclusively on the motor during low and medium speeds, helping to improve fuel economy by roughly 40% compared with the current version.

...Next-generation Fits, including conventional gasoline-powered models, will be released first in Japan in September, then make their debuts in the US, Europe and elsewhere...Honda aims to lift its global sales about 50% to 6 million cars in fiscal 2016. The Fit series is expected to account for 1.5 million cars, nearly double the current output of 800,000 units...The Fit series will be positioned as its strategic cars, with its hybrid version being pushed in North America and Asia.


Nick Lyons

New and improved Fit hybrid coming to America--good news.

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