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New Honda Fit Hybrid improves fuel economy 35% over outgoing model; best hybrid (non plug-in) fuel economy in Japan

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. achieved fuel economy of 36.4 km/L (85.6 mpg US, 2.7 l/100 km) over the JC08 cycle on the new Fit Hybrid—a 35% improvement over the preceding model and the highest among all hybrid models (excluding plug-in hybrids) in Japan, according to Honda research. (Earlier post.) The new Fit Hybrid is scheduled to be introduced and go on sale in Japan this September.

Sport Hybrid i-DCD. Click to enlarge.

The new Fit Hybrid will be the first model to be equipped with the Sport Hybrid Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive (i-DCD) (earlier post), Honda’s lightweight and compact one-motor hybrid system suited for small-sized vehicles.

Adopting a newly developed inline 4-cylinder 1.5L Atkinson cycle (high expansion ratio cycle) engine, the sport hybrid i-DCD consists of a 7-speed dual clutch transmission (DCT) system with a built-in high-output motor, and IPU (intelligent power unit) equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery.

The combination of the one-motor hybrid system and the engine realizes sporty driving during acceleration and high-speed cruising by using the clutches to engage the engine.

Electric vehicle (EV) driving is realized during startup and low- to medium-speed cruising by using the clutches to disengage the engine. The system also improves fuel economy by increasing energy regeneration using the clutches to disengage the engine during deceleration.

With an electric servo brake system that increases electrical regenerative efficiency and a fully-electric compressor that reduces engine load, the Sport Hybrid i-DCD improves the vehicle’s fuel economy by more than 35% compared to a current IMA hybrid system.

The SPORT HYBRID i-DCD automatically changes to three driving modes by engaging and disengaging the engine and motor depending on driving situations. The three driving modes are the EV Drive Mode for motor only driving; the Hybrid Drive Mode for both engine and motor driving; and the Engine Drive Mode for engine only driving.



Sounds fantastic:

I wonder

a: How much it will cost (in Japan, the USA, Europe)

b: What type of mpg it will get in actual use.

Still 85mpg (US) - 2.7l / 100km - incredible - why would you need an EV with a HEV this efficient ...


".. why would you need an EV with a HEV this efficient ..."

This seems more like an EV with well integrated genset range extender.

Nick Lyons

Sounds like IMA will be put out to pasture, finally. This will be a big upgrde for the Civic Hybrid and Insight.

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