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The Williams F1 Team issued a statement noting a KERS failure on driver Pastor Maldonado’s car, which was in the garage at the time. The resulting smoke was contained by the team and circuit fire marshals. No personnel were injured.

The team is currently investigating the cause of the failure, and assessing any further damage to the car. The team said that it would release more information once “in a position to do so.”

The Williams F1 Team launched its 2013 race car, the FW35, at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain on 19 February 2013; the latest Williams racer features improvements in several key areas over last year’s race-winning FW34.

Despite being an evolution of 2012’s car, more than 80% of the FW35 is new. It has a new gearbox, new rear suspension, new radiators, a new floor, new exhausts, new bodywork, a new nose and a significant amount of weight has been saved as well.

The FW35 features a Renault RS27-2013 2.4L V8 engine, 90 °V angle, 32 valves, with aluminium block and pistons; nitrided alloy steel crankshaft with tungsten alloy counterweights, titanium connecting rods, 8 butterfly throttle system and 18,000 rpm maximum speed. The KERS unit features a Williams F1 battery, MGU and electronics.



Interesting..."The KERS unit features a Williams F1 battery"

Considering that Williams got the contract to supply all the battery units for the new Formula E series. I hope this isn't an indication of problems to come. :-(

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