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Paris Incubateurs and Renault launched the second series of start-ups for the Connected Mobility incubator, which will host the WayzUp, Clameurs, Aerys and Zenpark start-ups.

These four companies were chosen in May by a selection committee made up of Renault, Paris Incubateurs, the Paris city authorities, Oséo Ile-de-France, Moveo and a private investment fund. A call for applications was launched in December 2012 to find enterprises seeking to benefit from the exciting environment of the Connected Mobility incubator. This initiative was created in late 2011 to leverage Renault’s core competencies and draw on the expertise and networks of Paris Incubateurs.

  • WayzUp seeks to promote the principle of home-to-workplace carpooling with the aim of achieving the same success as weekend carpooling. This mobile app takes into account the constraints faced by workers and allows them to find a fellow carpooler with just one click. It also allows them to find a solution at half-an-hour’s notice in the case of flexible working hours and to calculate split costs. WayzUp’s traceability feature makes it easier for companies to evaluate and subsidize their staff’s carpooling expenses.

  • Clameurs is a new media that can associate an audio message with a place. Using a platform and a sound card, Clameurs turns the public space into a broadcasting media and users can take on the role of “town criers”, addressing the world and listening to others.

  • Aerys is a start-up focused on universal connectivity in the Internet of Things sector. It develops and markets innovative real-time technologies and applications for the web and mobile platforms. These simple apps allow people to use their mobile device to interact with all the connected devices in their environment.

  • Zenpark deploys and operates a hardware/software solution designed to optimize the use of private parking spaces. The service alerts motorists instantly if a space becomes available and provides access to shared car parks.

These four start-ups will be hosted by the Connected Mobility incubator in the premises of Paris Incubateurs Masséna, located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.


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