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Project developing lightweight motors and their production technologies for EVs; fiber-reinforced plastics

Shell to boost deepwater and ultra-deepwater production off Brazil

Shell and its partners are moving forward with new deepwater and ultra-deepwater projects at the Bijupirá/Salema and Parque das Conchas (BC-10) fields offshore Brazil.

At the deepwater (~400 to 900 meters, or 1,312 to 2,953 feet) Bijupirá/Salema fields, a re-development is underway that includes the drilling of four new production wells. This is expected to boost production from these fields to a peak of 35,000 boe per day in 2014 (Shell share 80%, Petrobras 20%). The Bijupirá/Salema fields have produced close to 100 million boe since startup in 2003.

For the ultra-deepwater (~2,000 meters, or 6,562 feet) Parque das Conchas (BC-10), Shell and its partners Petrobras and ONGC have decided to move forward with Phase 3 of the project, which will include the installation of subsea-infrastructure at the Massa and Argonauta O-South fields. These fields will be tied-back to the Espírito Santo—the floating, production, storage and offloading vessel (FPSO)—that is at the center of the Parque das Conchas development.

Once online, Phase 3 of the BC-10 project is expected to reach a peak production of 28,000 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) per day (Shell share 50%, Petrobras 35%, ONGC 15%). Since coming on-stream in 2009, the BC-10 project has produced more than 70 million boe. Phase 2 of the project, to tie-in the Argonauta O-North field, continues to progress and is expected to come online late 2013 with a peak production of 35,000 boe per day (Shell share 50%, Petrobras 35%, ONGC 15%).



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