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Nikkei: Softbank develops billing system for EV charging

The Nikkei reports that Softbank Corp. has developed an electric-vehicle charging stand system that bills customers based on the amount of electricity they use.

When a vehicle’s charging plug is inserted into the stand, information on both the vehicle and the user along with the amount of electricity used is sent to a dedicated server via the Internet. The user is later sent a bill for the electricity.

Testing will begin on July 20 in Teshima, Kagawa Prefecture, where eight of the charging stands will be installed. Once commercialized, the stands are expected to be used at gas stations and automobile dealerships.

Softbank said it anticipates demand for the new system because of the convenience it offers in billing. The system could also be applied to billing customers for charging smartphones at stores.

Softbank, which among its businesses provides mobile communications and sells smartphone handsets in Japan, was just cleared by the US FCC for the acquisition of Sprint Nextel.


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