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UK government committing additional $763M through 2020 to support electric vehicles

The government of the UK is committing an additional £500 million (US$763 million) of additional capital investment by the end of the decade to support industry and consumers in the switch to electric vehicles. The government is already investing £400 million (US$611 million) to help the uptake of the new vehicles.

The intended investment is outlined in a new transport plan from the Department of Transport, “Action for Roads: A network for the 21st century”.

This investment will build the right conditions to establish a stable market for ULEVs [ultra-low emission vehicles] in the UK, and allow for mass-adoption in the decades ahead. Our ambitions to catalyse the transition to ULEVs in the UK constitute one of the longest-term and most comprehensive packages of support for this sector anywhere in the world. As part of this we will continue to back the UK’s world-class research and development in this area, securing jobs and generating economic value for the country.

—“Action for Roads”


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