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Valence Technology receives order for 530 kWh Li-ion subsea project

Valence Technology has received a purchase order from Submergence Group—a designer, fabricator and operator of experimental submersible vehicles—for a 530 kWh subsea project requirement.

The 530 kWh system will consists of 400 of Valence’s 1.325 kWh modules, Valence’s in-house developed BMS (Battery Management System) and support from Valence’s application engineering team.

Valence’s standard module sizes range from 12V to 36V and can be scaled to reach voltages up to 700V. Valence’s lithium battery technology utilizes Valence’s proprietary Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate (LiFeMgPO4) cathode material. The cathode material enables Valence to provide large format lithium battery systems with enhanced safety and performance characteristics.


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