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Australian national aviation and aerospace industry association, Aviation/Aerospace Australia (A/AA) announced a partnership with the Australian Initiative for Sustainable Fuel (AISAF) under which AISAF will formally become part of the Association. A/AA Executive Director Paul Fox said the partnership was an integral part of its work to develop a sustainable aviation and aerospace industry in Australia.

Aviation fuel is a significant component of the economy of our industry and the prospect of domestically produced sustainable fuel has benefits for the entire supply chain, A/AA aims to raise awareness of this important initiative and engage its members and the sector in the journey toward a sustainable and profitable future.

Dr. Susan Pond, Adjunct Professor in Sustainability at the United States Studies Centre, will continue to lead the program, taking on the title of Program Chair - AISAF within the A/AA structure.

A/AA applauds the influential work of Dr. Susan Pond as the leader of AISAF and the important roles played by the AISAF Steering Committee, the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney and the Australian Government in the establishment of this initiative 12 months ago and stewardship of its rapid development.

—Paul Fox

Dr. Susan Pond said the partnership with A/AA provides AISAF with additional capacity to connect with the aviation industry and export markets.

A/AA is also calling on other interested parties to get involved with the AISAF project.

The Australian Initiative for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (AISAF) aims to secure the future of aviation through the commercial production of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). AISAF is a coalition of the diverse participants from business, government and civil sectors who collectively create the various SAF supply chains.The AISAF Steering Committee is made up of SAF experts from: Qantas, Virgin Australia, Boeing, GE, Baker McKenzie, Australian Government Department of Resources, Energy & Tourism, CSIRO and Queensland Sustainable Aviation Fuels.


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