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Israeli PM Office co-hosting Fuel Choices Summit; $1M annual prize

Israel has set a goal of reducing its use of oil for transportation by 60% in less than 20 years. The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, in partnership with Bloomberg, is hosting a Fuel Choices Summit, 12-13 November in Tel Aviv, to explore the challenges, opportunities, and implications of this effort.

As part of the conference, the Eric and Sheila Samson Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation in Alternative Fuels for Transportation will be awarded for global innovation or a scientific or technological breakthrough in the field of alternative fuels for transportation. This $1 million annual award is intended to be comparable to the Nobel Prize for energy research.

Overall, the focus of the conference is to examine Israel’s role as a center for research and innovation in fuel choices. Participants will discuss how new investments, global coalitions and policy decisions will play out in the region and around the world.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to speak about Israel’s vision and meet the winner of the first Samson prize for innovation in the field of alternative fuels.



The will and policies have to be there?


They don;t have enough water for biofuels.
They have a lot of sun, and PV panels are now very cheap, but batteries aren't there yet for mass rollout of BEVs.

They have offshore gas, so maybe they could promote CNG powered mobility. There is plenty of room on the top of buses for the tanks. cars tend to lose a lot of boot space, unless they are designed for it in the first place.

Or they could try to convert the gas into liquid fuels.

Lots of clever people in Israel.

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