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Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., is demonstrating two new safety technologies, and accompanying use case scenarios, on-board Nissan LEAF EVs at the Nissan 360 event. The innovations are also steps toward achieving autonomous driving.

The first innovation is in the area of advanced sensors. Laser scanners and Around View Monitor cameras monitor the surroundings of the vehicle in a full 360 degree circle, continually looking for obstacles, other vehicles and potential risks, as well as road signs and signals. The second is in the area of vehicle intelligence, enabling the car to react to the data the advanced sensors collect.

Together the innovations enable the car to handle complex real-world road situations. Three new scenarios are being demonstrated at Nissan 360 for the first time:

  • Autonomous side distance control. Side distance control is used on the highway. It enables the car to recognize when the lane is closed due to obstacles narrowing the travel path, and steer to avoid a collision. Such a situation might occur in the real world when lanes on a highway are closed for road works.

  • Intersection entry and turning with oncoming traffic monitor. Intersection entry/turn with oncoming traffic monitor is an application for city driving. The Nissan LEAFs at the N360 event are capable of passing through a junction while avoiding oncoming traffic.

  • Overtaking with oncoming traffic monitor. Overtaking with oncoming traffic monitor is a capability also used in urban areas. The vehicle can detect a parked car at the side of the road, check for a gap in oncoming traffic, and steer around the obstacle when it is safe to proceed.

The innovations being demonstrated at Nissan 360 come from Nissan’s Research and Development with the long term aim to create “Collision-free cars”. Nissan has already developed, and continues to improve, Safety Shield, which provides the driver with an all-around driver support system, including Around View Monitor, Back-up Collision Intervention, Lane Departure Prevention and Distance Control Assist. Safety Shield monitors 360 degrees around the car for risks, offers warnings to the driver and takes action to prevent an accident.

The new technologies strengthen the capability to detect and avoid a potential risk from an early stage, before the situation becomes critical, based on the idea that cars should help protect people.

The philosophy of Nissan’s Research and Development is to put driver and car into a partnership with the shared goal of a safer journey. There are three basic steps in driving and avoiding a potential accident: Recognition, Judgment and Action.

Nissan’s existing Safety Shield assists with all three. The technology being demonstrated at Nissan 360 is an extension of the capabilities of Safety Shield, and research into further advances is underway.


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