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Nissan Motor Company is targeting becoming world’s leading manufacturer of light commercial vehicles (LCV) by fiscal year (FY) 2016. Light Commercial Vehicles include several classes of vehicles that are designed and developed primarily for work use. Nissan offers one of the widest ranges of LCVs, from mini-LCVs up to 7.5-ton trucks.

Nissan expects strong sales in 2013, led by the NV200, a new-generation compact van which will hit 200,000 cumulative sales by the end of fiscal year 2013 (April 2013-March 2014). Nissan will begin sales of an all-electric version of NV200 in 2014.

Overall Nissan’s LCV sales were 1.14 million units in FY2012. The number of units sold topped one million for the first time in FY2011, putting Nissan a full year ahead of the Power 88 mid-term plan’s target for LCV sales.

Under Power 88 Nissan is targeting 8% global market share with a consistent operating profit of 8% or more by the end of FY2016.

Global LCV sales already account for more than 20% of all Nissan sales and the ambition will be achieved by expansion in new markets, strategic partnerships and substantial growth in traditional markets. An ongoing new model offensive will see the company with one of the youngest model ranges of any manufacturer.

Smartphone LCV fleet management system. At the Nissan 360 event, Nissan unveiled an IT system for light commercial vehicles that uses smartphones to provide safety and performance data to both drivers and fleet managers in real time.

By using the service, fleet managers will be able to cut down on running costs by remotely monitoring maintenance information, as well as the driving behavior of their staff, while the vehicles are on the road. Drivers will also receive real-time information to help them operate their vehicles more safely.

Nissan aims to install the system in the vehicles for business owners which are being considered for launches in the future.

The service works by linking a smartphone, or other connected device, wirelessly to the vehicle’s IT system, while maintaining a high level of security. Data is then uploaded using the mobile telephony network to the cloud where it can be accessed by fleet managers remotely.

By integrating smartphones into the system, Nissan says it will be able to offer, at a low price, services comparable to a dedicated car navigation system for businesses.

Services for drivers that have been unveiled are:

  • notification when the vehicle exceeds preset speed;
  • eco-driving and smart driving diagnosis results; and
  • for electric vehicles, automated notification of EV charging spots when battery capacity is low.

Services for vehicle operation managers include:

  • confirming vehicle location;
  • vehicle maintenance information (informing maintenance timing based on miles driven);
  • eco-driving and smart driving diagnosis results of each driver;
  • electricity mileage information (applicable in the case of EVs); and
  • confirming charging status and battery condition (applicable in the case of EVs).



This could be curtains for the 'curse of the white van man' ie commercial vehicles cutting up others and driving recklessly with total disregard of niceties such as speed restrictions!
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