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Air Liquide joins H2USA; launch meeting today

Air Liquide Industrial US LP has joined H2USA, a public-private partnership launched by the US Department of Energy (DOE) focusing on advancing hydrogen infrastructure to support the development of new transportation options for US consumers. (Earlier post.)

Air Liquide is a leading global supplier of hydrogen for a range of applications and industries. Air Liquide owns and operates 200 hydrogen production sites and approximately 1,242 miles of hydrogen pipeline, the world’s largest hydrogen distribution network. As a member of H2USA, Air Liquide will contribute its knowledge and expertise in the field of hydrogen energy, including hydrogen production, distribution and storage technologies and hydrogen refueling infrastructure development.

The 13 founding members of the H2USA partnership were the American Gas Association; Association of Global Automakers; the California Fuel Cell Partnership; the Department of Energy; the Electric Drive Transportation Association; the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association; Hyundai Motor America; ITM Power, Inc.; Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition; Mercedes-Benz USA; Nissan North America Research and Development; Proton OnSite; and Toyota Motor North America.

Since the launch of H2USA in May, 11 additional organizations in addition to Air Liquide have signed up: American Honda Motor Company; ARC: Hydrogen; Argonne National Laboratory; Chrysler Group LLC; General Motors Holding; Hydrogenics; National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Nuvera Fuel Cells; Plug Power; SCRA; and Sandia National Laboratories.

The launch meeting of H2USA is taking place today in Washington at the offices of the Association of Global Automakers with an agenda to develop an organizational framework and strategy to address H2USA’s mission to promote the commercial introduction and widespread adoption of FCEVs across America through overcoming the hurdle of establishing hydrogen infrastructure.

Four working groups within H2USA have been formed to report on moving hydrogen infrastructure forward:

  • Hydrogen Fueling Station Working Group
  • Market Support and Acceleration Working Group
  • Financial Infrastructure Working Group
  • Locations Roadmap Working Group


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