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German Li-ion battery systems specialist AKASOL is supplying Li-ion battery systems for Bombardier’s PRIMOVE system. (Earlier post.) PRIMOVE is a Business Unit of Bombardier that specializes in creating market-ready solutions in the field of electromobility; its portfolio comprises integrated charging, battery, and power solutions for all types of electric rail and road vehicles. The wireless PRIMOVE charging technology permits automatic inductive rapid charging with up to 200 kW of power.

AKASOL’s water-cooled PRIMOVE Li-ion battery systems feature an extremely compact size and low weight. Depending on use, the energy capacity of the system packs varies between 50 and 90 kWh. Under the Bombardier partnership, AKASOL will supply 5-10 MWh of its Li-ion battery systems to Bombardier by the end of 2014 for use in various applications and at sites of operation around the world. Starting in 2015, volume should rise to a middle to high double-digit MWh range.

AKASOL’s AKASYSTEM is a freely scaleable lithium-ion battery system comprising up to 255 AKAMODULEs; AKAMODULEs, depending upon the chemistry of the consituent cell, range from about 2.0 to 2.35 kWh in capacity (using different NMC variants. AKASOL has a standard portfolio of different lithium-ion cells (NMC, LTO, LFO etc.) in the segments high energy (E-traction) and high power (hybrid). The capacity of these cells range from 7 to 60 Ah. The company also has customer-specific solutions.

The PRIMOVE system is used in Bombardier trams and in buses and transport vehicles of various manufacturers. Use in passenger cars is also possible, the company notes. For the PRIMOVE system, AKASOL further developed its existing AKASYSTEM with the help of Bombardier developers from Mannheim. Emphasis fell on suitability for mass production, cost effectiveness, and especially the functional safety (SIL/ASIL) of the Li-ion battery systems.

AKASOL, based in Darmstadt, develops and produces high-power battery systems for use in the utility vehicle and automotive industries, the wind, water and solar power industries, and in shipbuilding.


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