Neste Oil in renewable diesel blend demonstration project aimed at commercialization; Diesel R33
U Wisc. study explores effects of biodiesel-gasoline blend in diesel engine

BASF restructures its fuel cell systems business

BASF is restructuring its fuel cell systems activities and will focus on catalysts and adsorbents for fuel cells in the future. As a result, BASF Fuel Cell, Inc., Somerset, New Jersey, will be closed on 1 August 2013. The site produces membrane electrode assemblies for high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell systems.

The closing of the Somerset production site affects about 25 employees.

In the future BASF will focus on activities in the field of catalysts and adsorbents for fuel cells. These activities are run out of BASF’s Catalysts division. The company expects the market for electrical and reformer catalysts and for different fuel cell technologies to grow substantially going forward.



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