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UPS to test Clean Air Power’s Genesis EDGE dual-fuel product on 10 MACK tractors

UPS has agreed to test in-use operation of Clean Air Power’s new Genesis EDGE Dual-Fuel for the Volvo D13 and MACK MP8 engines. UPS has been operating 9 Caterpillar C12 tractor units with Clean Air Power’s Dual-Fuel system since 2002. They have each completed over 1 million miles.

UPS will provide 10 MACK MP8 tractor units which will be installed with the US version of Clean Air Power’s Genesis EDGE Dual-Fuel system for demonstration and optimization. The trucks will operate out of the UPS facility in Ontario, CA, which has an LNG/CNG fueling station on site, and perform real-user operations.

The 10 trucks will in aggregate travel over 100,000 miles per month, providing data on performance and reliability. The trucks are expected to be fully operational in October 2013.

Funding for this program has been provided by the Californian Energy Commission under an Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program specifically designed to accelerate the use of alternative fuels in California’s transportation market.

In April 2013, UPS announced that it will buy 700 liquefied natural gas-fueled trucks and construct four refueling stations by the end of 2014. This testing agreement with UPS confirms that our development program for a US Genesis-EDGE product has reached an advanced stage and I am now confident that we are on track to deliver a product capable of servicing the growing demand seen in the US for natural gas vehicles.

—John Pettitt, Chief Executive of Clean Air Power


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