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New Burlington-Montréal EV charging corridor opening this fall

A 138-mile (222km) charging corridor between Burlington, Vermont and Montréal, Québec will open this fall. This corridor between the largest cities in Vermont and Québec consists of 17 charging stations positioned at strategic points along the I-89, Highway A-10, Rte 104 and Rte 133.

In addition, several other charging stations are present in the vicinity. It will give EV drivers the possibility of recharging their battery during their journeys, thus providing the autonomy they need to make long trips. A website will be launched to allow drivers to locate the nearest charging station.

This initiative is the result of an agreement between Drive Electric Vermont, a coalition that promotes electric transport in the US state, and Electric Circuit, the organization responsible for rolling out an EV charging infrastructure in Québec.

In the near future, the objective is to add extra charging stations to the corridor. Plans are also underway to extend the scheme to other cross-border routes, including Magog-Sherbrooke-St. Johnsbury.




It will give drivers the opportunity to make long rest stops while batteries being recharged.

Jim McLaughlin

And the available power is what?


The available power is always going to be inadequate for some purpose.

One wonders what 30 kW, delivered continuously to the vehicle on the road, would be adequate to accomplish.

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