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Ricardo Software launches IGNITE full vehicle system modeling and simulation application

Ricardo Software has launched its complete vehicle system modeling and simulation application IGNITE. (Earlier post.) The product, a physics-based system simulation package operating in Modelica, features embedded design and optimization tools and a comprehensive powertrain library for simulation, built on the deep engineering expertise of Ricardo.

With a library of vehicle component building blocks, IGNITE allows users to quickly and accurately conduct systems-level modeling of a wide array of vehicle platforms, including conventional, hybrid-electric, full-electric and even novel vehicle architectures.

IGNITE’s powertrain library gives users the capability for comprehensive modeling of the entire vehicle with systems-level engine, transmission, driveline, vehicle, tire, hybrid-electric, controller and powertrain accessory modeling objects.

Users can build complex vehicle models, one object at a time, using flexible components and multiple configuration options. Modeling and simulation is supported from concept phase through detailed powertrain integration with quick turnaround of vehicle performance, fuel economy and emissions prediction.

The hallmark of IGNITE is the Design/Optimization toolbox, integrated within the software, which does not require use of add-on applications to experiment in the trade space. Users have the ability to not just analyse data, but make decisions and adjustments throughout the simulation process. This flexibility saves critical time in identifying positive and negative trade-offs when selecting from a vast array of variables.

IGNITE has the ability to conduct:

  • Complete vehicle systems modeling
  • Drive cycle simulation
  • Vehicle performance prediction
  • Fuel consumption prediction
  • Emissions prediction
  • Fuel-to-road energy flow analysis
  • Hybrid system design and analysis
  • Component selection and sizing
  • Powertrain integration analysis



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