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Navigant: fuel cell industry passed $1-billion revenue mark in 2012

In its Fuel Cells Annual Report 2013, Navigant Research notes that in 2012, the fuel cell sector broke the $1-billion revenue mark for the first time (not including revenue from R&D or government funding. Global capacity shipments topped 120 MW, up 40 MW from 2011.

The number of companies remained somewhat stable with only a small number retrenching. However, Navigant said that the stationary sector—representing the majority of the sales—remains at particular risk in terms of the number of companies with an unsustainable revenue stream. Overall, the number of companies in the fuel cell industry with revenue above $1 million increased from 24 to 42 by the end of 2012.

Globally, Asia Pacific still leads in terms of manufacturing and adoption, shipping more than 22,000 of the more than 28,000 fuel cell systems shipped in 2012. Asia Pacific is also forecast to remain in the driver’s seat, in terms of shipments, for the short term. With year-on-year increasing interest in Europe and a resurgence of interest in the United States, however, the Asia Pacific region’s leadership position is likely to be challenged in the medium term.

—“Fuel Cells Annual Report 2013”



I billion $ for 120 mw works out roughly $8000 per kw. If a car needs a minimum of 25 kw capacity it makes me wonder how auto companies expect to put FCV's on the road in the next few years.

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