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Electric vehicle (EV) drivers using the UK’s motorway system can now access 13 more rapid chargers at Welcome Break service stations. The rapid chargers represent the latest phase of work completed by Nissan and Ecotricity to expand the rapid charging network on the UK’s motorways. The new additions bring the total number of rapid chargers in the UK to 97.

Taking into account the existing infrastructure installed under the partnership earlier this year, there are now 16 rapid chargers available at Welcome Break service stations on the motorway, with plans to install at the majority of Welcome Break sites by April 2014.

The chargers form the UK's first publicly accessible rapid charging network on the motorway and are capable of recharging a Nissan LEAF from 0 to 80% battery capacity in 30 minutes.

The new rapid charging network at Welcome Break service stations is part of a Nissan long-term plan to install more than 150 rapid chargers across the UK by April 2014.


Thomas Lankester

Yeah, but when I checked out the Membury west services yesterday, 2 conventional cars were parked in the bays, blocking them. One of the cars drove off only to be replaced by a Range Rover within a minute.

It is also worth noting that for each services location, 2 rapid chargers are normally needed one for each side of the motorway so we are really only looking at 6 new rapid charger locations.

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