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BMW i partners with Schneider Electric to provide home charging installation service in the UK

BMW i has formed a partnership with Schneider Electric—the manufacturer of the BMW i Wallbox—in the UK for providing home charging installation services.

This collaboration will allow Schneider Electric to work closely with the BMW i Sales Agents and customers, providing home surveys, supply and installation of the charging point, as well as offering maintenance and comprehensive support. The installation package will be provided by Schneider Electric but managed by BMW and can be customized to meet customers’ specific requirements.

The BMW i Wallbox will enable owners in the UK to charge their BMW i3 at up to 7.4kW from zero to 80% within three hours, and on to a full charge within four hours.

As part of a £37-million (US$57 million) package of investment in electric vehicles in the UK, the government offers a 75% grant for the provision of domestic charging points. This subsidy applies to the BMW i Wallbox, bringing the installed cost down to £315 (US$489) incl. VAT.

BMW notes that this marks the first time that a premium car manufacturer has partnered directly with a charging point manufacturer and installer to provide EV charging facilities in the home, not only in the UK but through a global partnership between BMW AG and Schneider Electric.



And so it has been done...
One of the 3 major obstacles to widespread interest (if not quite ownership) to EVs - cheap and easy quick-charging installed at home with a reliable big-provider. Industry take note and your chosen market share shall soon follow.

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