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Siemens providing compressor trains for three LNG plants for liquefying synthetic natural gas produced from coal

Siemens Energy will provide compressor trains for three LNG (liquefied natural gas) plants in China for liquefying synthetic natural gas produced from coal. The customer is the Hangzhou Zhongtai Cryogenic Technology Corporation. This marks the fifth follow-up order for Siemens from this company.

The Houma Tongsheng Yitong Natural Gas Company will operate one of the plants. These plants have a capacity of half a million standard cubic meters of gas per day. The machines will be handed over to the customer in June 2014, after a delivery period of 12 months.

The compressor trains in the three plants each consists of a six-stage vertically-split compressor (barrel-type compressor) and a Siemens constant speed electric motor. This type of drive and control using inlet guide vane assemblies provides more efficient and reliable operation than conventional compressor solutions with throttle valve or speed control, Siemens says.

The Siemens compressor trains compress the mixed refrigerant that cools the natural gas. The compressor trains will be entirely fabricated, assembled and packaged with the drives in Huludao, China. This enables Siemens to provide nearly the complete value-added for small LNG compressors based on international standards from China.



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