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PowerGenix, developer of high performance Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) batteries, announced that its batteries have achieved certification for start-stop applications by China National Laboratory’s Tianjin Automotive Test Center. Over the past several months, Tianjin Automotive Test Center completed a test matrix covering all aspects of advanced micro-hybrid vehicles to validate NiZn’s potential performance improvements.

Through this testing period, performed under a range of temperatures and under abusive electrical and environmental conditions, Tianjin Automotive Test Center found NiZn batteries met or exceeded all safety, product performance, mechanical integrity and storage standards. Under simulated conditions, the NiZn batteries showed more than six years of service life with virtually no degradation in performance.

Based on our test results, the high-power, long-life NiZn batteries made by PowerGenix met SBA micro-hybrid vehicle performance standards.

—Dr. Wang Fang, Head of New Energy Car Test Lab at Tianjin Automotive Test Center

The Tianjin Automotive Test Center certification indicates that PowerGenix’s NiZn batteries have passed all of the corporate standards and requirements for micro-hybrid vehicles, which are traditional gasoline or diesel-powered cars with automatic battery-powered stop-start systems. Many local automakers consider Tianjin’s certification a benchmark for quality, giving PowerGenix a competitive edge in penetrating the growing micro-hybrid market in China, the company said.

In light of recent extreme levels of air pollution in China, the government has implemented fuel economy standards requiring passenger cars to reach 34 mpg (6.92 l/100 km) by 2015, and 47 mpg (5.0 l/100 km)by 2020. In response, many automakers are looking to micro-hybrid vehicles as the lowest hanging fruit to improve fuel economy.

NiZn batteries are a leading alternative to lead-acid in stop-start systems because they offer lower weight, higher energy density, and significantly enhanced charge acceptance over their entire service life, leading to sustained fuel economy improvements. PowerGenix recently announced an innovation contract with PSA Peugeot in Europe, and its batteries are currently being tested by several major automotive OEMs globally for use with stop-start systems.


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