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BMW Group and Vattenfall start new research project on the secondary use of EV batteries

BMW Group and Vattenfall have started a new research project on the secondary use of high-voltage EV batteries using batteries from the MINI E and the BMW ActiveE as stationary power storage.

The focus of the partners is the use of second-life EV packs for caching power at fast charging stations and solar installations, and also large installations for grid stabilization.

Even after the end of their life cycle in an electric vehicle, EV batteries still have a storage capacity of around 80%, the partners noted—enough to be used as a stationary buffer memory even over many years.



It would be interesting to see a sensitivity analysis of the effect of the salvage value of EV battery packs on

  • The TCO of the EV (higher salvage value = lower TCO)
  • The effect on the resale value of EVs
  • The effect on the cost and market penetration of secondary applications.

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