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Alset Global, a technology and engineering company working on clean mobility solutions based on hydrogen, has joined Hydrogen London. The company’s dual-fuel Hybrid Hydrogen technology system works with an internal combustion engine to allow passenger cars and commercial vehicles to run on hydrogen, gasoline/diesel or a blend of both fuels. (Earlier post.)

Alset Global launched its Hybrid Hydrogen technology in May at the ADAC Zurich 24 Hours of Nürburgring race, in Germany, where the system was fitted to an Aston Martin Rapide S race car.

This hydrogen-powered car produced around 500 PS (493 hp, 368 kW) and reached top speeds of 160 mph / 255 km/h running on pure hydrogen. It made history as the first hydrogen car to complete a lap of an internationally-sanctioned motor race.

In May we have proved the performance, durability and reliability of Hybrid Hydrogen in one of the most challenging environments possible, the next step for Alset Global is to show what this means in real life. Joining Hydrogen London enables us to reach out for more clients who are concerned with emission targets and legislations offering solutions with a clear cost advantage.

—Gonzalo Auil, Regional Manager of Alset Global


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