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Nissan has begun development of its second electric commercial vehicle, the e-NT400. (The company showed an e-NT400 concept in 2011, earlier post.) Nissan is in the final development phase of the e-NV200 compact van—its second mass production zero emission vehicle and its first electric commercial vehicle—scheduled for launch in 2014.

2011 e-NT400 Atlas Concept. Click to enlarge.

The e-NT400 is a light truck based on the European NT400 Cabstar, known as NT400 Atlas in Japan. With plans for production under study, the e-NT400 uses Nissan LEAF running gear to create a zero-emission 100% electric vehicle.

The e-NT400 would have a cruising range of 87 miles (140 kilometers) on the NEDC; low running costs would make e-NT400 an attractive business proposition.

Like e-NV200, e-NT400 would be able to enter city areas denied to conventional vehicles powered by diesel or gasoline engines, while its near-silent running means it could operate around the clock as it creates no noise or emission nuisance.

Nissan has been working with several large commercial fleets in global markets since 2011 to understand how the e-NV200 test vehicle performs under real operating conditions. So far the e-NV200 has received positive comments for its quiet, comfortable driving with no emissions and low noise, CO2 reduction, and carrying capacity.



Those vehicles would benefit from future 3-3-3- and 5-5-5 battery packs. Meanwhile, they will have to be used on shorter routes equipped with ultra quick chargers?

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