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SwRI deploys novel vehicle-to-grid aggregation system in SPIDERS program

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has deployed the first electric vehicle (EV) aggregation system using the new Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standard for bidirectional power using direct current (DC) fast charging.

The aggregation system features a distributed architecture with a dynamic capacity for self-recovery to ensure maximum reliability and redundancy in the military environment. Cyber security components meet military requirements, and variable charge and discharge controls precisely manage EV energy consumption or generation in real time.

The system, part of the Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security (SPIDERS) Phase II program, is controlling five DC fast-charge stations at the Fort Carson Army Base in Colorado Springs, Colo. The SPIDERS project is led by Burns and McDonnell Engineering Company, Inc. (Earlier post.)

In August, the system passed integration and acceptance testing, successfully aggregating electric vehicles from two vehicle manufacturers equipped with SAE-compliant bidirectional charging interfaces.

SPIDERS is pioneering a new way of managing energy. The batteries in electric vehicles are used as cushions against fluctuations in the grid, creating more stability and resiliency while improving its ability to accommodate renewable energy. This helps satisfy goals of reducing dependence on fossil fuels and the impact of emissions.

—Yaxi Liu, a research analyst in the Automation and Data Systems Division"

SwRI’s electric vehicle aggregation system is an integrated component of the SPIDERS Secure Microgrid. Working with SwRI on the electric vehicle system are Intelligent Power and Energy Research Corporation (IPERC) as the microgrid control developer, Coritech Services Inc. for the electric vehicle charging systems, and Boulder Electric Vehicles and Smith Electric Vehicles as the electric vehicle suppliers.


Henry Gibson

The standard power level of a house circuit in the US is 20 amps or 2400 watts. Range and electric drier circuits can triple this.

The electronic systems now associated with electric automobiles may be the major price increaser beyound the batteries. Last year I saw a FORD model T. Perhaps TATA can make and sell simple cars in the US. ..HG..

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