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Spanish electric scooter company Going Green selected AllCell Technologies to supply lithium-ion batteries for the recently launched Core electric scooter. AllCell’s e-scooter batteries leverage the firm’s proprietary thermal management technology (earlier post) to increase the Core’s drive range and cycle life while simultaneously providing an extra layer of safety.

The Core electric scooter. Click to enlarge.

The Core’s 4kW motor coupled with a drive range of up to 60 km (37 miles) are a perfect fit for fleet and vehicle-sharing customers, including Barcelona’s e-scooter sharing program.

Going Green and AllCell have been working together for most of the year to design and launch the removable 1.5 kWh lithium-ion battery using high energy-density cells and AllCell’s proprietary thermal management material.

AllCell’s technology employs a composite material manufactured from phase change materials (PCM) and graphite that effectively absorbs and distributes heat through the battery pack to avoid hotspots and limit maximum temperature.

Because AllCell’s PCM technology operates passively, it does not require any energy to operate and is the only option to protect batteries from overheating in applications in which active cooling systems are impractical.

The Core e-scooter is the most recent electric vehicle designed and produced by Going Green. Experience with car sharing programs in several Spanish cities (including Pamplona and Gijón) and Iberdrola’s corporate fleet coupled with the knowledge built through five years as a distributor of e-bicycles and e-scooters provided Going Green with the ideal background to design the Core.

Going Green partnered with the city of Barcelona to incorporate the Core as part of Motit, Barcelona’s innovative public e-scooter sharing program. Motit launched with a pilot program of 50 scooters this summer, with plans to expand to 500 vehicles by mid-2014. Going Green is currently expanding this innovative and successful mobility model to other European and US cities through franchise agreements with local partners.

AllCell and Going Green are currently collaborating on the design of the next-generation batteries that will further increase the Core’s drive range.


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