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EcoDual introduces version 2 of MAX/SR dual fuel system for Class 8 trucks

EcoDual, Inc., a provider of dual fuel systems for Class 8 trucks, introduced version 2.0 of its flagship platform, the MAX/SR Dual Fuel System, as well as a new two-year unlimited mileage warranty.

EcoDual dual fuel systems enable existing heavy duty diesel trucks to operate on a combination of diesel and natural gas. In dual fuel operation, the trucks maintain full torque and power with no loss of fuel economy, according to the company. Installation of an EcoDual dual fuel system requires no engine modifications. The system constantly monitors all engine parameters, including natural gas levels. It switches automatically and smoothly to 100% diesel operation if natural gas is depleted.

Vehicle duty cycle is the most important variable for determining substitution rates. In general, typical over-the-road conditions will yield aggregate gas substitutions of 50%-60%, according to the company.

MAX/SR 2.0 features an improvement in natural gas substitution rates with industry-specific enhancements to EcoDual’s proprietary technology. It will save operators 25% on their overall fuel costs, according to EcoDual. Other key upgrades of MAX/SR 2.0 make the system more reliable, durable and lighter, while also decreasing installation time, emissions and maintenance expenses.

Benefits of MAX/SR 2.0 include:

  • Increased natural gas substitution rates to achieve a 16% improvement across the broadest range of driving conditions;

  • Precise control of natural gas and diesel fuel injection to optimize combustion and minimize emissions;

  • Improved performance and durability through the integration of new electrical and controls systems into the MAX/SR architecture;

  • Significant reduction in installation time and truck weight with its new tank mounting design; and

  • Multiple colors for tank enclosures to enable fleets to better match each truck.


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