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AID reports Tesla Model S top-selling car in Norway in first 2 weeks in September

After less than two months in the market, the Tesla Model S topped Norway’s best-sellers’ list during the opening two weeks of this month, comfortably outselling all other cars, regardless of fuel type, according to industry newsletter Automotive Industry Data (AID).

The Tesla Model 2 posted 184 registrations in its debut month in Norway in August; from 1-16 September, registrations of the Model S in Norway jumped to the chart-topping 322 units, according to AID-compiled data—displacing Volkswagen’s conventionally powered Golf at 256 units.

According to AID, in the two-week selling period ending 16 September 16, the Tesla Model S accounted for 6.2% of all the new cars sold in Norway. The Volkswagen Golf took another 4.9%, followed in third and fourth position by the Toyota Auris and the Mazda CX-5.

While fifth, sixth and seventh position for this particular period went in turn to the Volvo V40, Škoda Octavia and the Toyota RAV4, the number eight slot went to Nissan’s LEAF—Norway’s most popular electric car so far this year.

Combined, the Model S and Nissan’s LEAF captured a combined market share of 9.1% for the two-week period.



Surprise, surprise?


It is all about the tax and benefits.
You pay no purchase tax or VAT and there are loads of other benefits like free parking in Oslo and the use of bus lanes.

That is fine up to a point as Norway as awash in money from oil and gas, but if you make the deal too good, you end up with bus lanes full of EVs, and all the parking spaces taken.

On a positive note, Norway gets most of its electricity from hydro, so they really are low emissions vehicles.

If you have that much money, you may as well spend it on EVs.
You'll make Elon Must very happy.


Sorry - Elon Musk.
I must have made a mistake.


By going Hydro + EVs Norway will export more of its oil and gas and make more people than Elon Musk very happy.

We also have surplus Hydro energy but we are very or too reluctant to develop our Oil and Gas potential. We seem to wait for the perfect solutions.

Meanwhile, the new Camry Hybrid is doing 5.0L/100 Km. No problem to get 1000+ Km on 50 L of regular gas. That's almost twice as good (average) as the old Camry and even better in city driving.


These are not sales but registrations.

A boatload of Model S's arrived in Norway to fulfill pre-orders. These reservation holders have been waiting for years (literally!) to get their vehicle. It will be interesting to see at what level the sales stabilize once these pre-orders have been fulfilled.

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