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Great Wall Motors and Baosteel open joint steel laboratory

China’s Great Wall Motors (GWM) and Baosteel have opened a joint steel laboratory in Baoding, China. The laboratory will carry out technical and test projects involved in the lightweighting of GWM’s passenger vehicles, as well as the application verification and evaluation of Baosteel’s new materials and new types of steel.

The two companies have already cooperated in a range of areas such as application of EVI (early vendor involvement) technology; ultra-high-strength steel technology; hot stamping technology; and new materials for several new models, such as the GWM Haval H8 and Haval H2.

With the establishment of the laboratory, the two will soon launch technical cooperation in third-generation high-strength steel plate development and application, as well as generic technology development and application.

Each partner will assign technical staff to establish a technical committee to carry out the work. The two sides will jointly accumulate and share data and application parameters of auto steel, thereby giving full play to respective technical advantage, advancing the application of advanced high-strength steel and lightweight auto technologies, developing and applying advanced auto manufacturing technologies.

According to some sources, as China’s largest and most modern steel conglomerate, Baosteel enjoys a share of more than 50% in the auto steel plate. With strength in early intervention in new models, material selection and trial-manufacturing material supply, Baosteel has become a major auto sheet supplier for a number of automakers such as Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz.


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