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First public SAE combo fast-charging station debuts in San Diego

The first public charging station in the US to offer the SAE Combo-Charging fast charging system has opened at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, CA.

The new combined AC and DC charging, or combo, connector is accessible via a single charge port on the vehicle.

Major automakers including GM, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche have announced they will adopt the SAE combo fast charge connector standard. Earlier, many of the world’s major automakers had adopted the SAE’s 120V/240V AC connector standard to assure plug-in vehicles could access all charging infrastructure regardless of vehicle make or model.

The Chevrolet Spark EV, available in California and Oregon, will be the first EV in the US to offer the SAE International fast-charge connector as a vehicle option starting in late December.

On Monday, a BMW i3 was fully charged in under 30-minutes at the combo charger.



This is one more step in the right direction towards quicker charges.In the not too distant future, 200+ KW AC/DC chargers will become common place.

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