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Tesla to offer $1,000 CHAdeMO fast charging adapter for Model S

Tesla Motors plans to offer a $1,000 adapter to enable Model S EVs to use CHAdeMO fast charging stations for those Model S units with Supercharging already enabled. For Model S without Supercharging enabled, onboard hardware must be activated to use the CHAdeMO adapter; for those vehicles, the CHAdeMO adapter will cost $2,400 prior to delivery and $2,900 after delivery.

The North American CHAdeMO adapter for Model S. Click to enlarge.

Tesla calculates that the 50 kW CHAdeMO fast chargers will charge the Model S at the rate of approximately 150 miles of range per hour of charge.

Offered for sale “soon” in the online Tesla Gear shop, the adapter is specifically for NA Model S vehicles; a separate adapter is required for European and Asian Model S.


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