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ABB has broadened its support of the new Combined Charging System (CCS) standard with the expansion of its 4th generation fast charging product portfolio with the introduction of the Terra multi-standard DC fast charging station 23. The Terra 23 can charge EVs in 30-60 minutes and complements the CCS fast charging station dedicated for highway and urban ring locations, the Terra 53. The new 20 kW multistandard station offers CCS, CHAdeMO and fast AC charging functionality and is available in configurations with one, two or three outlets.

The Terra 23 is designed for areas where EV drivers plan to stay 30-60 minutes, such as retail locations, commercial office environments and EV auto dealerships. Its 20 kW design allows for quick and easy installation on widely available 3 x 32A low-cost grid connections.

If in the future charging needs change, installed Terra 23 charging stations can be field upgraded to support the full 50 kW power level.

ABB was the first company to demonstrate a working CCS prototype at EVS26 in Los Angeles in 2012 and at eCarTec in Munich. This past summer ABB participated in interoperability workshops with BMW and Volkswagen demonstrating successful charging of the next generation CCS compatible EVs. More recently BMW showcased the Terra 53 at the IAA Live-Drive event in Frankfurt and at the Plug-In 2013 Conference & Exposition in San Diego.


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