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Terra Motors crowdsourcing funding for new electric three-wheeler

Japan-based Terra Motors Corporation, founded in 2010 and an established seller of electric scooters in Japan, is seeking crowd-sourced funding on inidiegogo to support its new electric three-wheeler. The 50-day campaign has a goal of $50,000.

Terra is targeting the three-wheeler at markets such as in the Philippines and India. Terra Motors sees the introduction of low-cost electromobility in such markets addressing combined problems of low income as well as pollution and health.

The company has already performed feasibility studies around Asia with its design.

Terra Motors proposed design for three-wheeler. Click to enlarge.



Philanthropic approach to a fairly simple problem.

They are looking to assist low cost low footprint transport problem in Asia.

Surely this style of vehicle has proven very popular and has stood the test of time. If it ain't broke don't try to fix it. While not practical for expressway fast lane, it could be made safe and practical in any first world C.B.D.
Easy to get in or out, easy to clean.

I'm thinking I want one.

Donate $5/10?

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