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Renault and Itaipu to collaborate on EVs in Brazil

Renault and Itaipu signed a collaboration deal which will lead to the local assembling of 32 Renault Twizy at Itaipu’s EV Research, Development and Assembly Center (CPDM-VE/IB) in Foz do Iguaçu, State of Paraná, Brazil.

The cars, supplied by Renault, will be imported as incompletely disassembled kits for restricted use by Itaipu and partner institutions of the EV Program. After signing this deal, Renault officially becomes a member of the EV Program, an initiative led by Itaipu Binacional.

Itaipu, owned by the governments of Brazil and Paraguay, operates the Itaipu dam across the Paraná River. Itaipu dam is currently the world’s largest hydroelectric plant in power generation. With 20 generator units and 14,000 MW of installed capacity, it provides approximately 17.3% of the energy consumed in Brazil and 72.5% of consumption in Paraguay.

Itaipu produced in 2012 a total of 98,287,128 megawatt-hours (98.2 million MWh), breaking its own world record for energy production, which occurred in 2008, with the generation of 94,684,781 megawatt-hours (MWh). The previous record was in 2000 when Itaipu generated 93,427,598 MWh.


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