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California Energy Commission awarding $4.8M to 3 projects to convert medium-duty vehicles to electric drive

The California Energy Commission has selected three projects for a total of $4,782,082 in awards, with $5,918,404 in matching funds from the awardees, for demonstration projects that convert used medium-duty gasoline and diesel vehicles to all-electric drive.

The awards resulted from an earlier solicitation (PON-13-602) under the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP).

Funding of proposed projects resulting from this solicitation is contingent upon the approval of these projects at a publicly noticed Energy Commission Business Meeting, and execution of a grant agreement. The selected awardees are:

Used Medium-Duty Electric Vehicle Repower Demonstration
Awardee Project Title Proposed awardMatch award
Electric Vehicles International California Medium-Duty ZEV Repower Demonstration Project $1,653,000 $1,713,250
Motiv Power Systems, Inc. Walk-in Van Repower Demonstration $1,655,594 $1,844,400
National Strategies, LLC Electric School Bus with Vehicle-to-Grid and Vehicle-to-Building Functionality (ESB-V2G/B) $1,473,488 $2,360,754



Please, someone comment on how California is bankrupt but keeps spending. Ha Ha Ha! Where all the crazy fiscally responsible minions of the wealthy now with their lies and pandering to their masters. What's it like to eat dirt and have to say you like it, all you old mental weaklings? Conservatism as defined by reality is slavery to the wealthy. It probably meant something else once, but not any more.

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