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The Government of Canada has awarded C$30 million (US$29 million) through the Automotive Partnership Canada (APC) initiative to 10 university-industry partnerships to advance innovative automotive technologies. With a total project value of more than C$52 million (US$50 million), the funding includes some $22 million from industry and other partners.

The largest award from APC is $8,928,200 to the McMaster University-Chrysler partnership (earlier post) for the development of next generation electrified powertrains. (Earlier post.) However, the selected projects include a range of technologies from hot stamping of parts to hydrogen fuel cell stacks.

APC awards
Lead organization
Title APC Funding
McMaster University
Next Generation Affordable Electrified Powertrains with Superior Energy Efficiency and Performance $8,928,200
École Polytechnique de Montréal
(Clariant (formerly Phostech Lithium), Bathium Canada Inc.)
Scale-Up of a Novel Melt-Synthesis Process for the Manufacturing of C-LifePO4 for Automotive Applications $5,302,878
Simon Fraser University
(Ballard Power Systems)
NXCT Fuel Cell Project: Four Dimensional In Situ Visualization of Fuel Cell Degradation $3,399,972
University of Waterloo
(General Motors, Sapa)
Sustainable Lightweighting Technologies: High Strength High Crush Efficiency Extruded Aluminium Front Rails for Lightweight Bodies $2,670,722
University of Toronto
(Ford Motor Company)
Design and Manufacturing of Direct Micro- and Long-Fibre Lightweight Composites $2,513,500
University of Waterloo
(Dana Canada Corporation)
Warm Forming of Aluminum Alloy Brazing Sheet $2,063,543
McMaster University
(Chrysler, Nemak of Canada, Orlick Industries Ltd., Haley Industries Ltd.)
Evaluation and Development of Enabling Technologies for Lightweight Automotive Structural Cast Components with Wrought Aluminum and High Performance Magnesium Alloys $2,042,371
McMaster University
(Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd., Burlington Hydro Inc., Electric Mobility Canada, Canadian Automotive Association, Ontario Ministry of Transportation)
The Social Costs and Benefits of Electric Mobility in Canada $1,846,800
University of Alberta
(Vida Holdings Corporation)
Development of Multi-Chamber Catalytic Converters for Diesel Exhaust After treatment $976,300
University of Waterloo
(Formet Industries (Magna), Promatek Research Centre (Magna))
Reheating Furnace Analysis and Optimization for Hot Stamping Automotive Parts $211,585

Automotive Partnership Canada (APC) is providing $145 million in research funding over five years to support significant, collaborative R&D activities that will benefit the entire Canadian automotive industry.

This initiative is a partnership between five federal research and granting agencies under the Industry Canada umbrella, which has identified collaborative, industry-driven automotive research as a priority.


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