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UQM introduces PowerPhase HD 250 for high-voltage applications

UQM Technologies, Inc. has added the PowerPhase HD 250 to its expanding production-ready product line of electric drive systems for heavy-duty vehicles. This system delivers high performance for high-voltage electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, including heavy commercial truck, transit bus and marine applications.

The UQM PowerPhase HD 250 provides 900 N·m (664 lb-ft) peak torque, 250 kW (335 horsepower) peak power and increases the maximum input (battery) voltage up to 750 volts. Providing up to 95% energy conversion efficiency, this system consists of an optimized permanent magnet motor/generator and a full-featured digital signal processor (DSP) based controller.

Higher operating voltage creates lower operating current, enabling lower weight or lower resistance losses in vehicle wiring, and this is an architecture choice for some manufacturers’ electrified vehicles

—Jon F. Lutz, Vice President of Engineering

UQM production-ready heavy-duty offerings began with the release of the PowerPhase HD 220 which is now used in many heavy-duty platforms. Then UQM released the PowerPhase HD 950T system for those applications that require increased torque. Now, the new PowerPhase HD 250 variant provides solutions for customers that have higher voltage and power requirements.

UQM currently supplies its PowerPhase systems globally to power Hino electric city buses, Proterra electric transit buses, Electric Vehicles International medium-duty trucks and walk-in vans, Zenith Motors electric vans, Boulder Electric Vehicle commercial vehicles and ReGen Nautic marine propulsion systems, among others.


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