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Universal LNG Solutions Inc. (ULNG) has placed a blanket purchase order for 900 Westport iCE PACK LNG Tank Systems (iCE PACK) to be delivered over the next two years.

iCE PACK tank. Click to enlarge.

The Westport iCE PACK is an onboard LNG tank system customized for spark-ignited engines, and designed to meet the demands of today's trucking fleets by providing increased range, longer hold times and faster fueling times. Westport expects to begin shipping to ULNG in the fourth quarter of 2013. For competitive reasons, the selling price per iCE PACK and related total contract value has not been disclosed.

The Westport iCE PACK LNG Tank System uses a series of sensors to monitor fuel pressure; when needed, it activates a pump to deliver reliable fuel pressure to the engine. The Westport iCE PACK will always deliver the right amount of fuel, regardless of engine size and operating demands, ensuring peak performance of spark-ignited engines, the company says.

The Westport iCE PACK, through its ability to use cold LNG fuel (- 240 °F or 30 psi), doubles tank hold times from five days to 10 days. Cold LNG provides up to 10% more operating range when compared with warm (saturated) LNG.

Traditional warm (saturated) LNG systems rely on tank pressure to “push” fuel to the engine, and low tank pressure leads to fuel starvation, Westport says. The Westport iCE PACK design allows the system to be unaffected by tank pressure and encourages tank pressure to fall during operation.

This investment by ULNG confirms the industry’s interest in the Westport iCE PACK and the demand for cold liquefied natural gas (LNG). This purchase order will allow ULNG to provide not only fuel flexibility, but provide their fleets with a consistent, high-performance LNG fuel system across a range of vehicles and engines.

—Steve Anderson, Vice President, Business Development, Westport


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