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Argonne issues new GREET release with major updates

The GREET (The Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation Model) team at Argonne National Laboratory has issued a new release of the GREET fuel cycle model (GREET1_2013). GREET is widely used in life cycle analysis.

This release of GREET1_2013 model includes the following major updates:

  1. Added marine fuel pathways including marine fuels production and commercial vessel operations between various origin and destination pairs.

  2. Added sorghum-based ethanol pathways, including grain, sweet, and forage sorghum.

  3. Added biodiesel production pathway from tallow.

  4. Updated electric power sector technology shares, efficiencies and emission factors by technology based on 2010 data from EIA and EPA, and expanded the available generation mixes in GREET to include 11 electric utility regions.

  5. Updated methane (CH4) emissions estimates for various life-cycle stages in natural gas pathways in GREET1_2013 based on latest data from EPA and other sources in the literature.

  6. Updated transportation and distribution parameters for various transportation mode in GREET. These include emission factors, energy intensity, mode shares and distances for various pathways in GREET.

  7. Updated land use change (LUC) data for various biofuels production pathways and introduced new modeling options.

  8. Updated cellulosic biomass feedstock parameters including farming energy and fertilizers use, T&D, and dry matter losses.

  9. Updated fertilizers and nutrients use for biofuels pathways.

  10. Updated petroleum refining efficiency for various refinery products.

  11. Updated light duty vehicles (LDV) tailpipe emission factors.

  12. Updated hydrogen production based on latest DOE H2A models.

  13. Updated urban share of criteria air pollutants (CAP) emissions for LDVs and for petroleum and electricity pathways.


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